Licensed Activities

Certain kinds of activities require a license in Lithuania, i.e. a resolution entitling the holder to be engaged in specified activities.


The license entitles the holder to be engaged in desired type of activity not only in Lithuania but also throughout Europe (EU), as Lithuania is a member state of the European Union.


The client who already bears a license in a country which is a non-EU member state (owner, private person, company or some other organization) has an opportunity of simplified licensing.


In order to provide assistance in obtaining a license required, we need:

Necessary maximal information on what kind of business you need a license for.

Once we will have all the necessary information for obtaining a license, we conclude an agreement, which will bear all the criteria, conditions, prices, dates and many other terms which shall be agreed with state authorities of the Republic of Lithuania being in charge with drawing up and issuance of licenses.


We provide assistance in obtaining of the following licenses/ permits:


  • Licenses for tourist activities (domestic and international tourism);

  • Licenses for wholesale and retail trade in spirits;

  • Licenses for restaurant activity;

  • Licenses for TV activity;

  • Licenses for getting a radio frequency (radio station);

  • Licenses for retransmission of radio and television;

  • Licenses for betting and gambling games;

  • Licenses for investing activities (financial broker, financial broker company, managing company);

  • Licenses for trade in antiquities;

  • Permission for trade in pharmaceuticals in Lithuania (Schengen);

  • Licenses for placement in foreign countries;

  • Construction permits of different objects in Lithuania;

  • Customs registration number in Lithuania EORI (needed for import / export of goods through Lithuania);

  • Other licenses and permits on your request.


Prices for services depend on scope of work and are stipulated on an individual basis.


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