Registration of Companies

“Euromigracija” Company provides services to foreign persons in registration of new legal entities (companies) in Lithuania, i.e.:

  • Joint-stock Companies (AB), Joint-stock Companies Limited (UAB), branches and representative offices of foreign companies;

  • Sole Proprietorships (IĮ) , Real Economic Communities (TŪB) etc.


The most common form of enterprise in Lithuania is a Joint-Stock Company Limited (UAB). For founding of that kind of company, the authorized capital of at least 10 000 LTL (2,896 EUR) is required in Lithuania. You deposit it into the savings account of your company on the first day of registration.

After registration of the company in the Taxation Inspectorate and Center of Registers, all funds deposited in the savings account at the opening of the company become property of the company, i.e you can dispose the assets at your discretion.


Full package of services for registration of a company includes:


1. Company statute, minutes of meetings in Russian or English and Lithuanian languages;

2. Memorandum of Association in Russian or English and Lithuanian languages;

3. Registration in the state enterprise “Centre of Registers ", Lithuania;

4. Registration in the Taxation Inspectorate, Lithuania;

5. Getting INN / NIP of the company;

6. Provision of registered office of the company for 1 year’s period;

7. Confirmation of the Patent Office on company name. Company name is determined by mutual agreement;

8. Notarial costs, a visit to a notary public, support;

9. Opening of a bank account with on-line banking services;

10. Manufacturing of a company seal;

11. Provision of an accountant (as agreed by and between the parties).


Contact managers of the company on the issue of company opening cost-.


The deadline for registration of a new company: 5 - 7 days.


Translation of documents into English, Polish and other languages is available for an additional fee.


Company name is determined by mutual agreement.

Clients may choose a bank providing on-line banking services, such as;; and others (on-line banking in Russian).


Additional services:

  • Accountancy services on the monthly basis;

  • Registered address shall be renewed on the yearly basis;

  • Drafting of contracts in English, Russian, Lithuanian languages;

  • Execution of documents to obtain permits, certificates and licenses in Lithuania;

  • Selection of the office and premises for companies;

  • Personnel administration for business in Lithuania;

  • Consultancy on employment law issues;

  • Business support in Lithuania;

  • Provision of a director for the company;

  • Creating a website.


The price of our services is discussed with each client individually.


Sale of ready made companies registered in Lithuania (within 1 day).


“Euromigracija” Company provides support to foreign companies in purchase of ready made companies (UAB) in Lithuania being a holder of VAT payer’s code. 


Full package of a ready-made company includes:

  • Company statute, minutes of meetings in Russian or English and Lithuanian languages;
  •  Memorandum of Association in Russian of English and Lithuanian languages;
  • Provision of registered office of the company for 1 year’s period;
  • Company identification code and VAT payer’s code of the company;
  • Bank account with on-line banking services, opening of a bank account in some other bank if required;
  • No authorized capital payment is needed;
  • Company seal;
  • Accountant .


Fulfillment term- 1 day.

The price of a ready-made company is understood to be a negotiated price.


For founding of a Lithuanian company, foreign residents must provide:

  • Passport with current registration in Russia or some other country;

  • Foreign passport;

  • Allocation of shares.

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List of ready made companies: